Romance Op.23

Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1409
Composed by: Vojta Kuchynka
Edited by David Heyes
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Vojta Kuchynka – Romance Op.23
for double bass & harp
Edited by David Heyes Romance Op.23 for double bass and harp (or piano) was completed on 6 November 1894 and is dedicated to the Czech poet František Serafínský Procházka (1861- 1939). Primarily in the solo register, this charming and evocative solo exploits the lyrical and cantabile qualities of the double bass. A more animated and fervent middle section is framed by slower and gentler music with rippling arpeggio figures from the harp with a spirited coda bringing the piece to a positive and happy conclusion. Aimed at the advanced bassist, Romance exudes an old world elegance and warmth which is typical of much salon music from the end of the 19th-century. This first published edition includes accompaniments for both solo and orchestral tunings. Romance was recorded on ‘Czech Double Bass Treasures’ in 2021 by Filip Jaro (double bass) and Katarína Turnerová (harp) for Real Music House (Bratislava).

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