Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1416
Composed by: Robert Moran
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Apparition is a monumental, dramatic and powerful work for 20 double basses which can be performed by 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 double basses. Every performance will be unique, depending on the performance space and placing of the bass ensembles around the audience, producing a rare all-encompassing aural experience which can last from a few minutes to several hours.
Apparition was composed in 2001 at the suggestion and for David Heyes. The world premiere, featuring 20 bassists and four conductors from six countries, took place in August 2004 during Bass-Fest 2004 at Sherborne School (Sherborne, Dorset UK).
The edition includes four scores and each quintet and conductor reads from the same score. The number of repeats of each section can be determined in advance by the conductors and moving from section to section should be gradual and unhurried. PERFORMANCE NOTES by Robert Moran
A performance requires a minimum of 20 double basses, five instruments per group plus a conductor for each quintet, and placed around the audience. A most effective performance is in a ?live? space such as a cathedral or any large, dark space.
The four conductors, prior to any rehearsal or performance, should determine the approximate duration of the work, which is ?open? depending upon the repeats of each section of the score. An approximate tempo marking is given but at no time should the conductors attempt to have any ensembles play at the same tempo marking.
The score calls for four ensembles, five double basses in each, performing independently of each other, OTHER than being in the same section. One conductor, during rehearsals, through simple signals, moves their ensemble onto the next section. The other three ensembles then gradually move onto their next section.
Dynamics and articulations should be carefully rehearsed prior to a performance.

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