Robert Wylkynson

Robert Wylkynson [Wilkinson] (c.1450-1515?) was at Eton Chapel from 1496 to 1515, first as parish clerk and then from 1500 as master of the choristers. His nine-part Salve Regina and his Apostles’ Creed (Jesus Autems Transiens) for 13 voices are the last entries in the manuscript and possibly were copied by him. Wylkynson’s work has suffered severe losses, for only three of his eight works survive complete; but what remains shows Wylkynson to have been an extremely ambitious composer and a more than competent one.

All that remains of his work is an early 16th-century manuscript in the Eton College Library. The index shows that it originally contained 97 compositions, and of the 43 which remain 4 are by Wylkynson.

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