Samek Music

Victoria Samek

MSc., ARCM (hons)

Started as a unique specialist label devoted to releasing top quality recordings by the finest artists of today on modern and period instruments, as well as sympathetically restored historical recordings of great figures from the past supported by informative notes. Clarinet & Saxophone Classics has expanded into publications representing foremost composers of today as well as younger generation composers. With a commitment to rare repertoire, Clarinet & Saxophone Classics Publications also promotes a series of sensitively transcribed gems from the Baroque and Romantic period.

She is supported by a dedicated team:

Hannah Whale – Artwork & Design; Steve Bingham – Website Consultant, Technical & Editing Support; Chris Jolly – Creative Partner in Learning. Mark Hartt-Palmer (WillowHayne Records) Sales and International Distribution. Samek Music is proud to have as part of the team Historical Recordings Specialist Malcolm McMillan. With a lifetime of dedicated research has resulted in an immense collection of rare 78 and LP recordings. Combined with his specialist technical and engineer restoration skills, these great clarinet and saxophone players from the past can be enjoyed by listeners in digital formats.

With the expansion of Samek Music’s educational resource, embracing performance science as the inspiration from which Victoria has developed the new and ground-breaking method Organise-Prioritise-Commit; The Practice & Performance Process. A dedicated team will be overseeing its continued development to its launch later in 2022 overseen by David Morris – Project Consultant.

Having created her own brand, Samek Music, Victoria is committed to excellence through recordings, publications and learning and coaching resources. Autumn 2020 will see the launch of Playing with Science a lecture recital which will inspire and engage audiences introducing her ground breaking practice and performance process. Samek Music is dedicated to the clarinet and saxophone, giving a focus for the wonderful world of the single reed.