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Triptych for Violin and Piano

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0121
Composed by: Trad. American
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“Triptych for Violin and Piano” by David M. Sterrett. A “triptych” is a musical collage of three contrasting movements unified by a common musical element – in the case of this piece, each movement is in A-B-C-B-A form. While the movements are unified in matching formal scheme, each exudes a different style and character. The first, Scherzo, jokes and jabs with jagged lines and snapping gestures that are sometimes humorous and sometimes aggressive. The second movement, Rhapsody, is the emotional centerpiece of the work and contrasts the snarky character of the Scherzo with gentle, lush, lyrical lines which convey a sense of loss and longing, and ultimately the restorative power of hope. The final movement, Tarantella, follows with its own unique style, a flashy, quick and energetic dance, slightly dark and grim in character, though at times also joyous and playful. Piano score and solo part is included. (11’40”) Grade V.

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