Tribute to Kerouac

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0111
Composed by: Various or Traditional
Arranged by: Tarney, Oliver
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Tribute to Kerouac for solo piano by Alpher, David was inspired by the work, life, and times of Jack Kerouac, “King of the Beat Generation.” Cast in 7 movements, this significant composition is hugely influenced by jazz. In the preface to the score the composer writes: “Kerouac demonstrated the epic contradiction of America: on the one hand its wild energy, joy of life, and expansiveness on the other, its tendency to self-destruct. Tribute to Kerouac is my musical response to, and commemoration of, this important American writer who liked to describe himself as a ‘jazz.poet.’”The ensemble version of this work (for clarinet, tenor sax, piano and string bass) is recorded on Ongaku Records #024-112.

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