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Totally Tubular

No. 1 of Two Hymns of Praise
Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0482
Composed by: John Rutter
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Its 3 movements traverse a wide variety of sonic atmospheres and moods. The first, “Initiations,” is scored for oboe and muted trumpet. “Waveful” features the beautiful and enchanting combination of the English horn and flügelhorn. The performers shift back onto the oboe and trumpet for the stirring final movement, “Emanations.” The titles of the movements, as well as that of the larger work, refer to a number of uses of the expression ‘totally tubular.” Obviously, the instruments used in the piece are tubular. The expression is used in popular culture to indicate excitement, or that something is “rad“, cool”, or “punk.” Among surfers the expression has been used to describe particularly impressive breaking barrel waves. Players read from score, 2 scores are provided.

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