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Three Jazzicals

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0418C
Composed by: Georges Bizet
Edited by Rutter, John
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Dedicated to tubist Jay Hunsberger. This colorful composition is cast in 3 movements – To Bop or Not to Bop, Sounds from the Cool Smoke, and Hotish. The composer states, “ In Three Jazzicals it was not my aim to create a specific hybrid style by synthesizing jazz and modern classical music rather, my intent was to systematically strip away the fundamental elements of jazz to explore at what point the music ceases being jazz and becomes classical. The style of Three Jazzicals is the resultant this procedure. It is understood that because the subject of what constitutes jazz (there are so many kinds) is so complex, depending upon the background and views of the listener, Three Jazzicals will sound jazzy (in varying degrees) to most, and mostly classical to some.” The instruments employed have been traditionally used in jazz. However, stripped away is the rhythm section, traditional chord progressions, melodic, rhythmic and formal clichés, and improvisation. Among the elements kept is the allowance for personal expression through each player’s tone, inflections, and articulations. The players are specifically asked not to swing at any time.

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