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Song Without Words

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0113
Composed by: Trad. English
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SONG WITHOUT WORDS is a heartfelt and powerful tribute to the composer’s long-time friend and colleague, Lila Deis (1944-2010), in 3 movements. The first movement, “Loss”, is self-explanatory music of mourning. After this, and without any pause, the bleak mood is demolished by one huge chord, as though Lila were saying “Enough of that. Let’s have a party!” This super-loud chord ushers in a movement called “Perpetual Motion”, which is a tribute to Lila’s nonstop upbeat energy and verve. Following a pause for breath, the third movement, “Perpetual Song”, concludes the work with a kind of festival of melodies, a tribute to the unforgettable lyricism of Lila’s art.

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