Ride to Infinity

Composer: Simon Garcia
Code: RMD1317

Simón García writes: “Since the beginning of time, man has always dreamed of flying… After having managed to sail through the skies of this planet, an obsession to travel to other worlds between the late 50’s and the mid-70’s was unleashed, known as the “Space Race” between the US and the former Soviet Union.

‘Ride to Infinity’ is a journey to the end of time without the need of a space suit, but through a dream, as a child might do, lying on the grass on a clear night and letting themselves be carried through their imagination to the immensity of the cosmos.

Commissioned by Xocas Meijide and dedicated to him, from an aesthetic point of view it is written in a Techno-Minimalist language, a branch that was born in the USA at the end of the space race. It offers a continuous melody that never ends, until it is lost in the depths of the abyss and uses resources such as repetition, pedal notes in different registers and the use of hemiolas, which turn the strong parts of the bars into weak beats, thus giving the sensation of weightlessness. In short, it is a piece that tries to make the audience enjoy their own journey, either by the immensity of the cosmos or their own mind.”

‘Ride to Infinity’ was recorded in the Meijide´s new CD-DVD titled “Ride to Infinity”.


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