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Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0332
Composed by: Alexander Flood
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Composed for and premiered at the 1994 International Trumpet Guild Conference. It opens with a stirring fugue (the percussionist performs the subject on the xylophone). Following the opening section are an intriguing series of passages featuring contrapuntal writing and the use of ostinati. The work culminates in an intense and exciting finale. Rhythmically and harmonically, the music is influenced by jazz. Percussion: 2 suspended cymbals, temple blocks, tam tam, 5 tomtoms, and finger cymbals. The percussion writing employs primarily 2 mallet technique with some use of 4 mallets on the xylophone in a passage of repeated eighth note chords.Rendezvous was first performed on June 18, 1994 during the International Trumpet Guild Conference hosted by the University of Illinois, Urbana with percussionist David Collier and trumpeters James Ketch, Charles Gates, Roy C. Griffen and Craig Hurst.

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