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Reflections features three inventive and evocative pieces for the progressing young bassist. Each offers musical and technical challenges in equal measure, with accompaniments which are simple and supportive. Useful as both study and recital repertoire, there pieces can be successfully played as a three-movement suite or individually. “These three pieces bring full circle my time with a small group of once young students now making their way off to college as young adults, and a new crop of children have entered my studio to take their place.
It is perhaps appropriate this suite should open with a reference to the song “Scarborough Fair” – the poignant, melancholic nature of the song reflects so well the feelings of nostalgia that inevitably accompany this type of coming of age event. In the ambiguity of her lyrics, especially the symbols, we might find space and freedom for our own thoughts and imaginings.
“For Daniela” was written six years ago. Now, as she starts her second year at the university, Daniela’s song is finally finding its place in this collection.
The humour expressed in “Humoresque” is reflective of the fact that these happenings are the natural way of things, and we should not be too awfully concerned – this is, after all, the way it should be. ” [Michael Montgomery]

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