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Recuerdos de Espana

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0150
Composed by: English Trad.
Arranged by: Gritton, Peter
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Recuerdoes de España (Memories of Spain) for solo piano by Douyon, Marc was inspired by the very diverse music of Spain. This colorful and engaging work uses a triplet rhythm that prevails throughout much of the composition. The music starts with an ambiguity of keys between major and minor, and subsequently travels to different keys. The first two sections are military-like, and feature the melody mostly in the left hand. The middle section is relatively calm with melodic fragments played over an ostinato-like figure in a sequential fashion. The fourth section features idiomatic Spanish rhythms reminiscent of the Andalusian region of Spain. Here, melodic fragments are played over a relentless bass accompaniment.

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