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Postcards from Vienna

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0360
Composed by: Bob Chilcott
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Commissioned for and premiered at ClarinetFest 1998 by Kathleen Gardiner (at the time with the Buffalo Philharmonic).It is in 4 picturesque movements: Around the Ring, Hundertwasser House – In Transit, Tombs of Honor, and Street Scenes, and was inspired by the composer’s 1996 visit to Vienna. The first movement, Around the Ring, is suggestive of the energy and excitement of traveling on the Ring, a major transportation artery that loops around the city center. The music is characterized by driving rhythms and jazzy melodic flourishes. The second movement is divided into 2 main sections: Hundertwasser House is a tribute to the esteemed Viennese artist, Hundertwasser. The title refers specifically to the imaginative apartment house designed by this innovative artist whose colorful paintings are displayed in the adjacent Kunsthaus Wien. In Transit is reminiscent of a short hop on the Underground (subway). Tombs of Honor, the third movement, was inspired by the beautiful and stately cemetery, Zentralfriedhof, where many great musicians from Vienna’s glorious past are buried next to one another- Beethoven, Brahms, Johann Strauss, Hugo Wolf, Schubert, and the clarinetist Mühlfeld to name a few. The capricious final movement, Street Scenes, was inspired by the happenings on the bustling Kärtnerstrasse, a pedestrian walkway frequented by street musicians and other artists. Included are references to segments of themes by various Viennese composers. At times these excerpts are tossed about in a kaleidoscopic manner. On other occasions they serve as the basis for organic musical development, such as when a metrically altered theme from the first Brahms Clarinet Sonata becomes the subject of a fugue

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