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Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0910
Composed by: Mack Wilberg
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Written for oboist Dwight Manning. It is a humorous setting of Laurence McKinney’s poem Oboe. The comical effect of the music and text is enhanced by theatrical gestures by the performers. These are suggested in the score at the appropriate time. For example, before the music commences, the performers are given the following direction: “Enter with great dignity. The oboist should try several reeds before choosing one while the singer becomes somewhat impatient.” From that point on there is an amusing tension created between the performers with directions such as (to the singer), “glare at oboist.” Or (to the oboist), “Lip down as much as possible, shrug shoulders and begin next phrase.” This entertaining composition is a hit with all types of audiences. It is certainly a piece that should be in the repertoire of every oboist. The vocal range is from D below the treble staff, to Gb above the staff. (The Gb is used only one time.)

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