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Nocturne for Piano

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0152
Composed by: Various or Traditional
Arranged by: Chilcott, Bob
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Nocturne by Douyon, Marc is based on the Haitian folk song, “Ouangolo.” The main theme quotes this folk melody, which is then developed with various compositional techniques. Original secondary themes and motives by the composer are an integral part of the colorful musical tapestry as well. The work begins with an accompaniment that has the feel of someone gently rocking a chair and enjoying the relaxation it brings to the body. Among various themes heard in succession, the first is developed through variations and tempo changes. Shortly thereafter follow, new melodic fragments and accompaniment styles, a change of key, a recitative, all which bring a new sense of motion. Near the end, the last theme of the first section returns. The work closes with a coda which suggests that the person in the rocking chair has fallen asleep.

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