Music Theory Foundations – Grade 5

Composer: Gustav Bultitude
Code: JB-001
Editor: Jade Bultitude

This is a complete guide for students taking the ABRSM Grade 5 music theory exam and covers all topics, building up your knowledge from the ground up. The book is a great companion to workbooks that you already use and to your music lessons. No need to wait until your next lesson, simply read the in-depth explanations for each and every question you will be faced with. Each topic is explained in step-by-step, bitesize pieces and matches the revised 2020 syllabus.

Each chapter includes key fact boxes and over 150 illustrations to explain concepts in a clear and easy-to-follow way. All performance directions are included from Grades 1-5 so that you have a comprehensive list to learn.

Topics Covered
• Rhythm and Time Signatures
• Clefs
• Scales and Key Signatures
• Transposition
• Intervals
• Chords
• Cadences
• Instruments of the Orchestra
• Voice Types
• Ornamentation
• Performance Directions (Grades 1-5)

Please note this study guide will help you to understand all the concepts and achieve high marks in your Grade 5 theory exam. It does not include exercises. We also assume some pre-knowledge from your previous Grades 1-4.

Go and build your Music Theory Foundations!