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Millennium Visions

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0368C
Composed by: Bob Chilcott
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In 3 captivating movements: First Dawn, Meditation, and Quest, this composition was composed in the latter months of 1999 when most of the world was looking forward with eager anticipation to the turn of the Century, and in many minds, the Millennium. The conflict between man’s desire to “progress” in our technological age and his desire to connect to his spiritual past is symbolically represented by an array of musical styles and compositional procedures. The modern world is suggested by passages influenced by popular music styles and 12-tone technique. The longing for spirituality is manifested in the poignant lyricism of the work and its reliance on classical formal structures. Commissioned by ClarinetFest 2000, premiered by Tom Martin (Boston Symphony).

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