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Lullabye for Bear

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0725G
Composed by: John Rutter
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“Lullabye for Bear” for flute and guitar by Heritage, Lee was composed at the request of Samuel Adler and was first performed as a postlude to a lecture he presented at the Brevard Music Center in the summer of 1977. The performers at the premiere performance were flutist Amy Heritage and pianist Andrew Cooperstock. Later, Dr. Heritage created a version of this work for flute and guitar. In 1997 “Lullabye for Bear” won second place in the Composer’s Guild Music for Children composition competition. The reviewer wrote: “This is a beautiful work that is appealing and well constructed. The composer uses conservative modern materials in a fresh manner in the spirit of children with limited technical difficulties. Delightful!”

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