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Liturgical Impressions

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0715
Composed by: John Rutter
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In 3 movements: Introit, Sanctus, and Gloria. Each movement expresses the nature of that part of the liturgy to the composer. Introit opens with a formal invocation via a melodic 12-tone row in the trumpet, which warms into flowing melodies when joined by the glowing sonorities of the organ’s chorale. In Sanctus the quiet but powerful nature of reverent worship, images of the holy flames above the Ark of the Covenant, and the definition of holy: “being set apart” find musical expression. In the third movement, Gloria, brilliant gestures of unbridled joyful praise burst forth, culminating in the final section where themes from all three movements combine to form a thrilling conclusion. Liturgical Impressions has been recorded by trumpeter Grant Peters and organist Charles Ore on the CD “Friendly Amendments: New Music for Trumpet and Organ by American Composers.”

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