Keeping in Shape

Publisher: Amy Roberts
Product Code: AR1
Composed by: Amy Roberts
Arranged by: Amy Roberts
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Who are these books for?

• Aspiring students looking to bring more structure to their warm-ups and practice.
• Intermediate to advanced adult learners struggling to find pedagogical books aimed at them.

Are these yet more study books?

Not at all!These are instead about those first moments we spend with the oboe each day. I have collected these exercises over the last decade from teachers, peers, visiting tutors and other wind players, and want to share them with others as they have hugely helped me to improve practice and technique. Few people in the woodwind world speak about the importance of warming up before launching into studies and pieces. But we are like athletes; it is an assault on the lips, brain and fingers to go straight to your study books!

Got all day to practice?

‘Keeping in Shape’ is for you e.g. students at conservatoire level, professional oboists looking to reinvigorate their practice 30-60 minutes of embedding technique into the daily warm-up including in-depth exercises and advice on articulation, breathing, long notes, vibrato, scales, using studies etc.

Got less than an hour to practice?

‘Keeping in Shape: Express’ is designed especially for amateur enthusiasts and those squeezed for time. There’s still always time for a warm-up! 10-minute compact warm-ups covering all keys and technical areas eg. articulation, breathing, scales, long notes etc.


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