Just Be Here

The Guide to Musicking Mindfulness
Publisher: Simon Cole
Product Code: SC101
Composed by: Simon Cole
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No previous musical experience necessary -no really ! The author – a longstanding counselling therapist and meditation teacher – has taken a new approach to mindfulness and shows that ‘musicking’ does not (just) mean music, and mindfulness does not (just) mean clearing your mind and being in the moment – though that as well, of course… This approach is also about the Flow and about Relation – with ourselves, with others, with the planet – and about dialogue, and about the encounters we have in our everyday lives. Start with the “8-Bar Blues – the Blues of this modern life” and then the Solos (even the drummer gets a turn), then the re-work and the coda. Being a therapist Simon Cole also touches on recurrent themes of distress that so many encounter, namely, loss (whether through death or relationship or job or health), and self-belief. There are stories told, exercises to develop and to practice, and meditations too. There are also YouTube links to purpose-designed videos and soundtracks by the author to accompany your reading. The format allows you to feel that you are being carried along on a resonant wave of discovery which can transform into a new way of living

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