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Jals (just a little something)

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0771
Composed by: Joseph Haydn
Arranged by: Blackwell, Kathy & David
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“Jals” (just a little something) by Allen Molineux, in 3 movements: Rag, Blues, and Swing. The composer states, “I decided to write it after reading a flutist’s call for scores. It was mentioned in it that she liked playing blues and swing and that the work should be no more than fives minutes in duration. Initially, I wanted to have a slow blues movement followed by a fast swing, but soon realized that a spirited opener was needed before getting to the slow blues. That meant creating a three movement set with each being approximately a minute and a half long. The melodic, harmonic and rhythmic essences of each movement’s traditional style are co-mingled with those of my own, which hopefully produces a fresh, yet familiar feel.”

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