Incantation : Chimes Music Digital


Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0322
Composed by: Agostino Agazzari
Arranged by: Keane, Mark
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Incantation evokes the mystery and enchantment of the sorcerer’s ritual. Tightly structured sections contrast with free-form passages in a manner analogous to the interaction of order and mysticism in an incantation. Printed in the preface to the score is the poem “Incantation” (see below) by the composer which may be narrated before the performance and/or used as written program notes. The instrumentation includes vibraphone, two suspended cymbals, tam-tam, bell tree, wind chimes, cowbell, hi-hat, and tambourine. “The audience was mesmerized as the two wizards cast their unforgettable musical spell.” – The Chicago Tribune. (8’) Grade V. Recorded on the CD “Double Take” by Sheryl Linch and Don. N. Parker, percussion. It has also been recorded on the Equilibrium CD EQ58 “Old News” by Stephen Dunn, trumpet and John Pennington, percussion and on the CD “Spanish Memoirs” by Diego Arias and Yu-Jung Chung.

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