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Cantique de Noel
Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0321
Composed by: Adolphe Adam
Arranged by: Rutter, John
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Playable onSoprano Saxophone. This engaging work is characterized by driving rhythms and ornate melodic lines. The opening motives in both parts undergo almost continuous development throughout the work, often giving the music a spontaneous, improvisatory feel. At times the music has a playful, almost frolicking quality. At other times mysterious and introspective passages contrast with aggressive, intense sections to create an atmosphere of moodiness. The lyrical melodies and interesting timbral contrasts between the instruments, combine with the tonal scheme of the music to make a sophisticated, yet audience-friendly, concert work. Two-mallet technique is prominent in the marimba part during the more intricate solo passages and there is some use of 3 and 4 mallets in those sections where chordal writing occurs. “A very accessible and enjoyable work.” – Percussive Notes.

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