Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1310
Composed by: Lourdes C. Montgomery
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The Heroes Suite, written in the late summer of 2017, is a set of five short pieces for double bass and piano. Each piece is dedicated to a man who in some way touched the life of the composer Lourdes C. Montgomery. Gamer, the piece dedicated to the composer’s son who enjoys playing video games, is her favourite piece of the suite which led to it being arranged for string orchestra in May 2018. The composer writes: “Gamer”, is an attempt to capture my impressions of the ambient sonorities which so often fill our home when my son Michael is engaged in video gaming. From the onset a driving “con fuoco” tempo evokes feelings of excitement and unrest, feelings augmented by the somewhat syncopated 6/8 meter and G minor setting. As we encounter this music we might imagine some worthy warrior setting off on an adventure, hoping to rid his realm of the forces of evil that threaten it.”

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