Five Musical Miniatures for the Young Bassist

Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1209
Composed by: Lourdes C. Montgomery
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Five Musical Miniatures for the Young Bassist is a suite is fun and engaging pieces by Lourdes C. Montgomery. Each piece features a number of musical or technical skills appropriate to the beginner bassist in music which is lively and instantly appealing. The accompaniments are simple and supportive, aimed at the double bass teacher with some pianistic skills, and these are ideal study of concert repertoire which are both player and audience friendly 1. A Wooden Soldier patiently waits, hidden away in his dark toy box, ready to march about the playroom at a moment’s notice. The “col legno” variation conjures an image of the fellow growing tired of his pageantry as his legs and arms begin to bang together with a knock, knock, knock. 2. Daydreaming is perhaps one of the favourite pastimes of many a schoolboy who, in the warmth of a lazy afternoon, finds himself with some free time when his studies and chores are all done, reflecting on ideas that come and go like so many boats drifting by on the slow moving channel of a nearby river. 3. The Storm first presents itself with low rumblings of a distant thunder, soon followed by flashes of lightning and the strong winds which usher in dark rolling clouds that release torrents of rain upon anyone unlucky enough to be caught outdoors with no nearby shelter. As the storm passes the rumblings of thunder can once again be heard in the distance. 4. As night falls on the islands of the Caribbean the natives begin a festive carnival with A Tropical Dance. Percussive elements of this little piece, as well as the subtle syncopations of the pizzicato section, may remind us perhaps of the African roots still pervasive in the music of the region. 5. A celebration of my own relocation to the northwest corner of Arkansas, Ozark Mountain Fun commemorates the many Scottish and Irish pioneers who long ago settled the hills of this area and brought to it the instruments and dance-like music of their homeland, newly reinvented to reflect their new surroundings. [Programme notes by Lourdes C. Montgomery]

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