Words by A.E. Housman
Composer: Humphrey Clucas
Code: RMD1365

This edition includes three versions of the song:

  • 1) High Voice – A minor
  • 2) Medium Voice – G minor
  • 3) Low Voice – E minor

Humphrey Clucas is known for a wide range of choral and vocal music, alongside a growing body of instrumental music, and this beautiful and evocative song is set to words by A.E. Housman. Originally for voice and lute, Evenfall also works well with piano accompaniment and the edition includes three versions.

The accompaniment is simple and supportive, allowing the flowing melody to soar above, with a tonal and accessible style which should appeal to singers of all ages and abilities.

“When I was asked to write a song for high voice and lute, this poem immediately suggested itself. It was written by a teenage A.E. Housman for a home entertainment, and was to be sung by Lady Jane Grey while awaiting her execution. It seems not to have been set before.

The lute part, though proclaiming its origin, adapts quite comfortably for the piano. Other possibilities are harpsichord (electronic or otherwise) or guitar.”
[Humphrey Clucas, 2009)

Evenfall by A.E. Housman (1859-1936)

Breathe, my lute, beneath my fingers One regretful breath,
One lament for life that lingers Round the doors of death.
For the frost has killed the rose, And our Summer dies in snows, And our morning once for all Gathers to the evenfall.

Hush, my lute, return to sleeping, Sing no songs again.
For the reaper stays his reaping On the darkened plain;
And the day has drained its cup, And the twilight cometh up; Song & sorrow all that are Slumber at the evenstar.


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