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Euphonic Rhapsodies

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0493
Composed by: John Taverner
Edited by Dunkley, Sally
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“Euphonic Rhapsodies” by Howard J. Buss is in 3 movements that showcase the capabilities of the instrument without using extended techniques or extreme range. It can be played on either a three or a four-valve euphonium. Although this composition is suitable for advanced high school and college-level players, professional performers will appreciate its incisiveness and musical sophistication. In the first and last movements references are made to the legendary performer and teacher, Leonard Falcone. In Homage to Leonard his name is expressed rhythmically in Morse code is employed in a lively, tuneful way. It is also used in the cadenza of the third movement, Go! The title of the beautiful second movement is Ballad.

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