Dream Sequence : Chimes Music Digital

Dream Sequence

Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0316
Composed by: Gustav Mahler
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Inspired by Carl Sagan’s poetic observation about dreams: “Late at night, when it is very still and the obligatory dreams have been dreamt, the gazelles and dragons begin to stir.” Subdued, mystical sections contrast with energetic and rhythmic episodes in a manner resembling a progression of dreams. Percussion distribution:
Percussion 1: Marimba, celesta (muted orchestra bells may be substituted), suspended cymbal, claves, and 2 cow bells
Percussion 2: Vibraphone, maracas, bass drum and temple blocks
Percussion 3: Orchestra bells, guiro, and 2 suspended cymbals
Percussion 4: Chimes (tubular bells), bongos, wind chimes, tam-tam, triangle, and lion roar. “Worth programming and highly recommended.” – Percussive Notes.

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