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Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0489
Composed by: John Rutter
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“Divergences” by Howard J. Buss was written for clarinetist Allison Storochuk and violist Kirsten Weingartner Weiss. The 3 movements explore a wide array of moods and sonic atmospheres ranging from the mystical, to the contemplative, to soaring, vibrant passages: Recollections of Shared Times, Disparate Views, and Celebrations. The composer states, “The titles relate to a phenomenon that has long fascinated me: How is it that people such as siblings, who grow up in the same environment (home, family, teachers, and shared experiences), can turn out in later years to be very different from one another with their religious and political beliefs, preferences for food, travel, music, etc. This is addressed generally in the duo, which is designed to be musically solid without any extra-musical, programmatic connotations. However, I think the titles and general character of the music will connect with many listeners and may make them think about the evolution of their own personal relationships.” Score and parts are included.

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