Dialogue : Chimes Music Digital


Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0315
Composed by: Various
Arranged by: Blackwell, Kathy & David
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A modern yet tonal sonata in 3 movements: Florida Bound, Forest Whispers and Rendezvous. Although the musical material and its treatment involves great contrasts, on close analysis one discovers the tightly knit organic unity of this work. Florida Bound begins with energetic statements in both instruments followed by a rousing section characterized by driving rhythms and soaring melodies. A beautiful, melodious central section gives way to an exciting, developmental passage followed by a recapitulation of the opening section. The movement culminates with an exhilarating and fiery coda. The second movement, Forest Whispers, commences with an arabesque melody played on the clarinet with a background of lush, sustained chords on the piano. The mood becomes reflective and the pianist shifts from the piano to provide a soft, shimmering background for a gentle and beautiful melody (based upon a bird call) played on the clarinet. The piano reenters with a colorful passage involving delicate pedal shading and is joined by the clarinet in a variation of the opening arabesque to close the movement. Rendezvous is a jubilant rondo distinguished by flowing melodies supported by a lively accompaniment. Embedded in the final movement are references to thematic material from the previous movements. On the Maryland Contest List Level 4 – Movement 1 or 3.

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