Publisher: Samek Music
Product Code: eCSCP057
Composed by: Hans Van Eck
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Dansiare” is the Vulgare-Roman word for ”dancing” in this composition interpreted as a form of a religious rite. This composition is an evocation of archetypal, ritual-like dancing. The rhythm of Dansiare is based on two contrasting gestures: -one, aggressive continuous movement, built with blocks of three and two 16th, -two, lyrical, slower movement in the divisive rhythm of triplets and quintuplets. This juxtaposition of these two gestures can be interpreted as yin-yang, male-female. A large overarching triplet symbolizes an opposition transcending, higher ordering.
Dansiare is the second piece in a planned collection of four clarinet compositions based on the idea of a, by Classical Greek music theory inspired, scale-Universum, symmetrically ordered around the central ”C” of the instrument (sounding ”B-flat”).
– Hans van Eck, 2021

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