Child’s Play

Composer: David Heyes
Code: RMD1366

Child’s Play is a fun piece for bassists of all ages and abilities and is playable by any number of players.

All the notes are produced using a chopstick (or pencil) and the piece is designed to explore the many different sounds and playing effects available on the double bass, alongside the skills of learning to work as an ensemble and to follow a conductor’s beat.

Everyone plays in time but starting at staggered intervals and, after the initial five bar music at letter A, may play any other section and in any order.

Everyone eventually plays the Ending Music and the piece ends quietly before a sudden shouted phrase by the entire bass orchestra.

“Child’s Play was inspired by my recent concerts and workshops in Scotland and is dedicated to the young bassists and teachers at Big Noise Raploch (Stirling) and Big Noise Govanhill (Glasgow).

It can be performed by any number of bassists and uses a chopstick to produce the sounds. The bassists explore many different playing effects, also learning to keep in time and take directions from a conductor.

‘Child’s Play’ is meant to be a fun piece which also sounds exciting and is different at every performance, depending on the choices the bassists make. Letter J is four bars of chaos – allowing the bassists to make as much noise as they wish.

‘Child’s Play’ was composed for my younger students at Wells Cathedral School (Somerset, UK) and was premiered there on Sunday 4 November as part of A Turetzky Tribute, a celebration of Bertram Turetzky’s amazing musical career and 85th birthday.” [David Heyes]


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