Characteristic Pieces Book 2

Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1406
Composed by: Emile Ratez
Edited by David Heyes
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Émile Ratez – Characteristic Pieces Book 2
for double bass & piano
Edited by David Heyes

  • Arabesque Op.46, No.4
  • Scherzo Op.46, No.5
  • Novelette Op.46, No.6
Published in France in 1904, these three lively and engaging pieces are ideal for the intermediate bassist. The style is lyrical, tonal and approachable, offering interesting study or concert repertoire with supportive and effective accompaniments. Primarily in bass clef, but with some higher passages in thumb position, these are player friendly combining musical and technical challenges in equal measure. Arabesque is rhythmically interesting, contrasting triplets against duplets alongside a second theme which has a strong drive and forward momentum. Scherzo is in ternary form with a beautifully lyrical and sonorous middle section (Cantabile) alongside music which is lively and energetic. Novelette is fun and engaging, using a robust and repetitive rhythmic pattern in the outer sections, with an expressive and sonorous central part taking the bass gradually into low thumb position.

1. Arabesque
2. Scherzo
3. Novelette
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