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Big Bang, The

(The Rod of Jesse)
Publisher: Brixton Publications
Product Code: B0308
Composed by: Flemish Trad.
Arranged by: Nees, Vic
Edited by Chilcott, Bob
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This significant work in 2 movements is a musical representation of the “Big Bang” theory of the creation of the universe which contends that our ever-expanding universe began as a colossal explosion at a single point in space. During the first movement, The Creation, all musical development grows out of an initial blast of sound. Waves of sound mass gradually crystallize into definite pitches leading to the formation of the natural harmonic series. 12-tone fragments intertwine and gradually coalesce into perceptible melodies. This musical development is analogous to the formation of compounds, amino acids, etc. Midway through The Creation the “spark of life” is introduced in an abrupt shift of musical activity which undergoes continuous development to the end of the movement. The animated second movement, Dance of Life, is a joyous celebration of life. Percussion distribution:
Perc. 1: 2 suspended cymbals, 3 brake drums, 2 cowbells, temple blocks, tam-tam and sand blocks
Perc. 2: Orchestra bells, 5 roto toms and triangle
Perc.3: Flexitone, timpani (4), wind chimes, bongos and a thunder sheet (or a large tam-tam)
Perc. 4: Xylophone, suspended cymbal, bass drum and chimes (tubular bells)
Perc. 5: Marimba, 2 anvils metal pipes may be substituted), tambourine, finger cymbals and triangle
Perc. 6: Vibraphone, chimes (tubular bells) which are shared with player 4, snare drum, 2 suspended cymbals and tam-tam.The piano is treated as an integral part of the percussion battery. This engaging work is appropriate for a college-level percussion ensemble.

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