Bass Clef Trios Book 2

Passe-Pied, Burlesque, Blues-Style & Ragtime
Publisher: Recital Music
Product Code: RMD1362
Composed by: Tony Osborne
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Written in 1981 for the composer’s own pupils, these four short pieces are in a fun, melodic and accessible style. Popular at music courses and concerts, they are a useful introduction to double bass chamber music and are very easy on the ear. There are few technical challenges but much scope for great music making. Playable with one bass to a part or larger forces, these bass clef trios are typical of the effective and idiomatic music written by Tony Osborne, one of the most successful composers writing for the double bass of his day. Passe-Pied is elegant and stylish, contrasting a more rhythmic and effervescent Burlesque. Blues-Style makes effective use of pizzicato with syncopation featuring in Ragtime, and all are effective in performance. Ideal for both educational and concert repertoire, the music is fresh, appealing and accessible to players of all ages. Ragtime is also available in an advanced edition.

  • 1. Passe-Pied
  • 2. Burlesque
  • 3. Blues-Style
  • 4. Ragtime

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