Bass Clef Quartets for Beginners Book 2

Code: RMD1342

Tony Osborne composed a wealth of music for young bassists which is loved by students, teachers and audiences alike the world over. These three fun and lively quartets are aimed at the progressing young quartet and each offer easy and accessible musical and technical challenges, remaining in bass clef throughout.

Basso-Saurus Rock for double bass quartet & percussion
Composed for Junior Bass-Fest 2000, this fun and energetic work is aimed at the beginner ensemble. It has a separate percussion part with the flexibility of being played by any percussion instruments – or even using the bass percussively – which adds a strong and driving momentum.

Also playable by larger forces, this would make an ideal introduction to chamber music for the beginner bassist. Lively, jazzy and full of fun, this has some simple rhythmic challenges and is typical of Tony Osborne’s accessible music for younger players.

Habanera for double bass quartet
A popular and evocative quartet and immediately accessible for the beginner quartet. There is great rhythmic interest for each player, and it can also be performed one octave higher than written by the more advanced quartet.

“Like Bizet’s habanera from Carmen, this piece features a sultry melody accompanied by an ostinato habanera rhythm…the composer is successful in setting this remarkable, effective and satisfying piece.” (ISB)

Plinky-Plonky! for double bass quartet
Plinky-Plonky! is a fun spoof on modern styles and techniques for beginner bassists of all ages – from 8 to 80! Popular and effective in performance, there are few technical problems for any player, but much scope for great fun and enjoyment.

A number of contemporary effects are used to demonstrate the possibilities of the modern double bass and the full range of percussive effects offer exciting challenges for any beginner quartet.