Aeolian Air

Composer: Tony Osborne
Code: RMD1316

Atmospheric and musically rewarding, Aeolian Air, composed in 1980, would be ideal for the intermediate bassist who is just venturing into low thumb position. Suitable for legato and cantabile playing, with a few technical challenges thrown in for good measure, this offers much to the intermediate bassist.

Written in the Aeolian mode – the white keys on the piano – this is a quality work from one of the leading composers writing for the double bass today.

Tony Osborne has the rare ability to write interesting effective and idiomatic music for any level of bassist and this is successful as both a teaching piece and in recital. Despite being written throughout in a 5/4 measure, there is no syncopated feel to it, just a smooth, lilting flow

“…You’ll know in the first couple of bars whether you have a bow change to be proud of. If you haven’t then learning or teaching this piece can only help. It’s also very pleasing to listen to.” (Double Bassist)