Amy Beach

Amy Beach, born Amy Marcy Cheney in 1867, was an American composer and pianist. She composed in many genres, writing in a late romantic style, and her Symphony in E minor (Gaelic), premiered by the Boston Symphony  Orchestra in 1896, was the first symphony to be composed and published by a female American composer.

In her later works she experimented with new tonalities, by using whole tone scales alongside exotic harmonies and techniques. Despite much success during her lifetime, Amy Beach’s music was neglected for  decades but towards the end of the 20th-century there has seen a resurgence of interest in her entire oeuvre.

She was one of the first successful American female composers of large-scale art music. Beach showed remarkable musical talent from an early age and was largely self-taught in composition. She began composing music at a very young age and gave her first public performance as a pianist when she was just 16. Beach’s compositions include works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, piano, and voice, as well as numerous songs and choral works. She was particularly known for her piano music, which often showcased her virtuosic abilities as a performer. Beach’s music is often characterized by its lush harmonies, expressive melodies, and skilled craftsmanship. She was a prominent figure in the American classical music scene during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and remains an important figure in the history of American music.

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